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Drawn to the recognition of beauty in everyday things, S. Fairchild blends the ordinary with elegance to create bold, artful designs.

The S. Fairchild Woman. she wants to be seen and appreciated. she loves animals. she is focused on her career but takes time to do the things she enjoys and see the people she loves. she drinks champagne, even on Tuesdays. she wants to see as much of the world as she can, everything is inspiration. she loves the ocean, the waves keep her calm. she loves a good dance floor. she'll stay up all night to binge watch a show and still make it to her early morning meetings. she loves to dress up and gets giddy over putting together the perfect outfit. she'll listen to a song she likes over and over again. she thinks a peaceful afternoon is spent at an art gallery. she loves the feel of sunlight on her face. she thinks old books are lovely, calligraphy is entrancing, and there is such a thing as a perfect cup of coffee. her smile lights up the room and she finds her happiness all around her.  

All handbags are made in either small runs or as one of a kind.  S. Fairchild values art, beauty, elegance, and celebrating yourself.